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11-Aug 10:22am
Roms back online.

10-Aug 1:37pm
Visualboy Advance updated to 1.6!

10-Aug 1:35pm
BGB Updated to 0.9!

1-Aug 11:28am
Game sections temporarily Disabled

25-Jul 8:05pm
Snes9x 1.40 is here



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Pacific Theater of Operations 2 (U)

Earthbound (U)

Super Metroid (E) [!]

Ogre Battle (U)

Terranigma (E) [!]

Super Punch-Out!! (U)

Robotrek (U)

Uncharted Waters 2 (U)

Metal Marines (E)

3 Ninjas Kick Back (U)



Uncharted Waters 2 (U)

Diddy's Kong Quest (V1.1) (U)

Mario Paint (E) [!]

Earthbound (U)

Aerobiz (U)

Rudora No Hihou (J)

Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf (U)

Diddy's Kong Quest (E)

Tales of Phantasia (J) [T-Eng1.2L_DeJap]

Uncharted Waters - Sea Prince (U)



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  GoodSNES 0.999.6

Cowering's Good tools will sort out anyone's rom collection in a snap.. Our database is based on GoodSNES 0.999.5. (Soon to be updated to the new 0.999.6) With 4900 total roms recognized.

platform: WIN32
download: GoodSNES_0_9996.zip

  Nach's SNES Rom tool 3.0 RC1

Very good looking SNES Tool

It is currently command line only, and still missing some features from NSRT 2.2, but we feel that this is a solid release.
One of the biggest new features is a complete SNES ROM database, which will be maintained more often than GoodSNES to weed out bad and hacked roms. Also the database scanning code is written using CRC32s so there is no possibility of a false positive database entry like GoodSNES has.

platform: Windows
homepage: http://nsrt.znes.org/
download: nsrt3w.zip


This is a Great Program and one which is practically unique, It checks a SNES roms Internal Checksum against the actualy Checksum. Great for determining if you have a truely unaltered virgin rom.

platform: DOS
download: smc0o.zip

  SMCRen 1.5

A great program which has now been put out business by GoodSNES et al. Mainly left in here for nostalga :).

Tired of SF840013488305532774.058 or BAH.SMC style filenames? (I had to use that line) Then SMCRen is for you. SMCRen scans an SNES rom and using the CRC stated in the .txt file, it renames the rom accordingly. This is a very good pr ogram if you have downloaded a rom, and have no idea what it is, it will know. But only the roms that are in the .txt file so far... in the future, this list will grow. Till then, this will have to do. Besides, it has almost 1000 roms in the list, so go ahead, check out this program. It also has the abiliby of changing the rom names of GameBoy, and lynx roms.

platform: DOS
download: smcren15.zip

  SNESTool 1.2

A must have for anyone with a SNES copier. Performs a multitude of operations, mostly useful for it's copier options and IPS support.

platform: DOS
download: snestl12.zip


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